Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Through The Broken Window-Pane

its nothing but a puppet-show !

life's full of thrill .. passion .. pain n vigour.
i do appreciate it. i's just reading a comment
of my dear friend-''be informal in life as much as possible''
how sweet !! but still do i object..
why it's important at all in life to be formal ?
is it that important ?
why cant we survive as raw elements of earth ?
may be the great Charles Darwin had the right answer-
"Survival Of The Fittest". But where to fit in ?

where is the time on earth to be too cosmetic n polished n at the
same time put your thought in creativity ?
if i can recall correctly, ARCHIMEDES jumped out of the bath tub and
went on the street dancing naked uttering the word EUREKA with the joy
of discovering THE LAW OF BUOYANCY .. not because it could save his life,
but it was just that of Giving Birth To a Child.
the pleasure of creating something. its pure n childlike..
its important to nurture the child within no matter how grown up we are.
or else life's dull n only a mechanical affair.

i can recall about a video of an AFGHAN GIRL which i got a chance to watch
a couple of months back. it was painful to watch and highly indigestible she was buried till
her waist, so practically making her immovable, counting her
last moments of the beautiful life she was bestowed with, surrounded by the clerics
with rifles n stones in their possession , the ground was prepared

first the poor girl was targeted with stones. she resisted with all her might,with
her freed hands to have the taste of life for some more time. but her fate was sealed.
a heavy chunk of stone hit her head from close distance. bleeding profusely, the
girl lost her consciousness. but that was not the end. she was shot thrice with an assault
rifle to make sure that her breath was stopped. now the question is, why this cruel
justice ?  well, she eloped with a boy of a different tribe of her age as she was sold to an old
ARABIAN that she was assigned to marry the old Basket of Money. the almighty laughed at from the
heaven, formalities completed !!

shall we ever can imagine life in this planet without any fear ? SOCRATES had to swallow a
glass of hemlock JESUS had to be crucified .. let's only hope the humanism to prevail.
let's be good human only, not the GOD !!

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